Friday, September 30th
Discussion Groups:

New Moon Gathering and Meal

Saturday, October 1st
Weekend Single Day Retreats:

Buddha's Teachings on Judging and Comparing; better than, equal to and less than

- With Rebecca Bradshaw

Monday, October 3rd
Special Offering:

Children's Yoga (4 week series) (with optional meditation for parents)

- With Marie Zappala-Stewart

Monday, October 3rd
Weekday Class:

Introduction to Insight Meditation

- With Ted Jones

FEATURE: Sat., Oct 1st., Rebecca Bradshaw - Buddha's Teaching on Judging & Comparing

Join Rebecca Bradshaw from 9am-5pm for her retreat entitled " Buddha's Teaching on Judging & Comparing: better than, equal to and less than.  There is an optional morning half day retreat.

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